Hi! I am Masahiro Kato, a researcher in economics.
I am working at CyberAgent, Inc.
I am hoping to get my PhD in economics in the future!
PhD candidate in Arts and Science, 2021-.
The University of Tokyo.
Advised by Prof. Masaaki Imaizumi.
MS in Computer Science, 2017-2020.
The University of Tokyo.
Advised by Prof. Junya Honda and Prof. Masashi Sugiyama.
BA in Economics, 2013-2017.
The University of Tokyo.
Advised by Prof. Daisuke Oyama and Prof. Hidehiko Ichimura.
Research Interest
  • Econometrics;
    • Treatment effect estimation;
    • Adaptive experiments;
    • Specification testing;
    • Nonparametric and semiparametric modelings;
    • Spatial econometrics;
    • Identification;
    • Structural estimation;
  • Finance;
    • Asset allocation;
    • Real estates;
  • Bayesian statistics;
    • Bayesian Model averaging
  • Sequential testing;
Machine Learning;
  • Multi-armed bandit problem;
    • Best arm identification;
    • High-dimensional bandits;
    • Combinatorial bandits;
  • Density ratio estimation;
  • Weak supervised machine learning;
  • Robust learning;
  • Reinforcement learning;
  • Off-policy evaluation and off-policy learning;
Chinese calligraphy;
  • Japanese modern history (focusing on the 1930s);
    • Economic history;
    • Political ideology;